Friday, July 27, 2012


In my last post you might've seen at the bottom that I handmade my floral bandeau and sheer blue skirt. Well the bandeau was easier to make than the skirt because all I had to do was get the right measurements and sew the fabric together. The sheer skirt used to be a looooong button down I had bought from Forever21 but never wore. So I decided hey, why not make it into something useful. I've been wanting a sheer skirt for a while so I was like, I got the materials, why not! So I got an old black pencil skirt I never wear and sewn the material around it and voila! The only downside is, I sewn it kind of crooked haha. The top button is like swerved to the side a bit. I'm still going to wear it though! Not bad for a first attempt Lol

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