Friday, August 24, 2012



So my first week of school finally ended, yay! I'm already used to my classes and I've finally been switched out of the ones that I wasn't so interested in being in. Instead of yearbook I'm in creative writing and my teacher seems really really cool. She reminds me of the chick from Scott Pilgrim who says the f-word a lot that gets bleeped all the time ugh im struggling so hard to remember her name aha. but yeah, school is getting easier and I made a few friends i'm just REALLY bad at names :s but anyway! I got these goodies in the mail last night and ahhh I was so happy! First off I received my skirt from Rayah's etsy shop.

(look above for the link to her shop)
It fits perfectly and I got a lot of compliments at school today and wow I just love it soooooo much I can NOT thank her enough! It was in great condition and I can pair it so well with a lot of things in my closet atm. I can't wait until fall so I can wear my big denim jacket to have a total 80's look. I also ordered a silver spiked earcuff from Keris' shop.
(link above)
I got a lot of compliments about this too! Since I live in a town where everyone wears Forever21 and Urban Outfitter clothing they automatically assumed I got it from there but boy were they surprised when I told them not only was it not from neither of those places but was handmade! Keris is truly amazing when it comes to making accessories so go check out her shop!

On a side note, I'm really trying to start up a fashion club for school. We need a sponsor/teacher for the club and I asked a goofy biology teacher at my school and she'll give me a definite yes or no on Monday and I'm super excited! We'd basically be designing shirts for the school to raise money for prom this year. But mainly we'll just be designing and making clothes for ourselves, looking at clothes online / doing things online, listening to music, and we'll have a fashion show at the end of the year. I really hope this comes to reality! 


  1. Hi!!! I love your blog and now I'm following it on GFC and Bloglovin.
    Check my blog and I would be very happy if you folow back!!

    Kiss, Vera

  2. loving your maxi skirt...edgy look too.

    check out my site and feel free to join :)

  3. You are so CUTE! Love your outfit :)
    and glad to hear school is going GREAT !!

    1. aww thanks, and yup hopefully it'll get even better next week!

  4. I love this grungy outfit. Very cool.
    That ear piece is amazing- I'm going to check out her etsy shop.

    Ava Tallulah

    1. you should! shipping is excellent and the quality is phenomenal for it being handmade.

  5. love the colour of the skirt, it really pops and suits you well. Great outfit, no wonder you got compliments at school. Keep up the great outfits, I enjoy following you -

    1. thanks! and aw thanks for following and sticking around i appreciate it xx

  6. I love that cuff so much! Great color :)

  7. love the outfit and LOVE your hair! so jealous!


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