Sunday, June 30, 2013


I love love love bralets for this time of year especially. I tend to wear them year 'round with other pieces, but in the summer time the weather is so nice you can wear them as they are. To me they're girly and fun, and can be paired with a lot of things. I mainly pair them with high-waisted bottoms, most of the time high-waisted maxi-skirts. Prices for bralets vary on where you buy them, but I always see bralets on ebay for super cheap with free shipping. Check it out if you're interested! x
Maxi skirts are not only for the summer, but I love wearing them this time of year the most. They're so easy and effortless to wear and you can make so many looks with them. I love pairing them with cropped tops: bralets, graphic, tubed, etc.

My fave shoes, other than flatforms, to wear with a maxi skirt are gladiator sandals. I have a few pairs and the more straps the better haha. I really have my eye on the knee high gladiator sandals being sold on the urban outfitter website. They're super expensive but I have a feeling I'll be able to find it somewhere for cheap. I saw Vanessa Hudgens wearing these sandals at a photoshoot and just completely fell in loveeee. They are most definitely on my wishlist :)
What I love about rompers is that you can be lazy about your outfit that day whilst still looking adorable effortlessly. I love how they come in all kinds of patterns and fits. I mainly pair my rompers with canvas shoes, combat boots, flatforms, gladiator sandals, etc. Chunky necklaces look great with rompers in my opinion, especially with high buns.
As you guys know I love any top that is cropped haha. I have to admit though that my favorite crop tops are ones that are fitted. I feel like they really flatter and show off shape, as well as being light in fabric which is perfect for the summer. I love wearing fitted crop tops with maxi skirts, circle skirts, high waist shorts, harem pants, etc. Fitted crop tops can also be found on ebay for pretty cheap plus free shipping.

I can NOT even express how much I am in loooooove with tropic print this season. I feel like its so laid back but still stylish. It reminds me of a nice tropical boho feel. A lot of stores are hopping on the tropic trend: Forever21, H&M, Target, Urban Outfitters, Nastygal, Karmaloop, etc. I have my eyes on so many tropical print pieces right now its insane haha.
I love bright colors, so neon will always be a favorite for me. I'm very particular when wearing neon though. I like my neon to be accessories or a top, not a major bright outfit but just hints of it. For example: nail polish, earrings, glasses, shoes, hats, etc. I'm seriously craving a neon bralet and glasses at the moment for my summer wardrobe this year :)

Well those were my favorite trends of this summer. I'll be really sad when fall comes around because personally, summer is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. Oh! My shop is opening again on the first of July. I'm super excited that it's about to be up and running again. It'd be awesome if you guys check it out!


  1. Loving the bralets and cropped tops this summer as well!

  2. i loved the fitted crop tops and neon basics

  3. really love the selection of bralets, rompers, and cropped top <3 thank you for sharing ! would you like to follow for follow? :D




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